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train mailbox
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gift for those hard to buy for
– And for YOURSELF!

Olga Gilman,

Dear friend,

Are you bored of those black, oval rectangles with a red flag attached parked at the end of every driveway?

Have you ever thought about an elegant, eye catching, one-of-a-kind mailbox?

Would you be glad to celebrate you uniqueness, to recall the taste of childhood, to bring an element of game, sense of humor and joy to you family’s life, to make your neighbors smile and your friends ask, ” Wow! That’s great! Where did you find it?!”

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, I have the ultimate solution that is just for YOU!

Some time ago my best friend bought her first house.

It was a beautiful small family house in Silicon Valley, California. There was a nicely decorated front yard with a peach tree, roses, petunias, rocks and … ugly, old, rusted, monstrous mailbox just in front of all that beauty!

I was intrigued and started to investigate. I took a long walk, looking at mailboxes. I discovered a whole town full of mailboxes – steel and brass, Victorian and vandal proof, sitting within brick posts and looking like a birdhouse, reflecting theirs owners’ characters, tastes and life styles.

But most of the mailboxes were just old, ugly, rusted, plain, boring, and forgotten poor things!

That interested me.

A mailbox is your first greeting to everyone who comes to you; you get in touch with it every single day – ISN’T NOT IT WORTH SOME ATTENTION?!

Then I spent several months doing market research. Finally I found mailbox, that I liked most and that I presented to that friend of mine as a housewarming gift. She was really excited, and all her guests kept asking about where she got it!

I decided to make this website and to share with everybody why I strongly recommend the Train Mailbox as just The Best One.

  • The Train is UNIQUE, ONE OF KIND NOVELTY mailbox. It looks cool and stylish; it brings an element of game, sense of humor and joy to you to your life. Turn each trip for mail into a fun one!

    The Train mailbox combines functionality and durability with unique creative novelty look, – all this makes it THE PERFECT GIFT, even for those who are hard to buy for,
    and… for YOURSELF!

  • Elegantly crafted, decorative mailbox significantly improves the first impression people get approaching your house. Curb appeal starts with a mailbox. And, by the way, house price starts with curb appeal.

  • Being HANDCRAFTED AND HANDPAINTED, being designed with attention and love to details, Train Mailbox creates a welcoming atmosphere of warmness and nurturing.

  • It is More Than A Mailbox - it is your greeting to your friends coming to visit you, it is your message to people who live around.

  • It Is More Than A Mailbox… IT IS A TOY, welcoming your kids coming from school. Grant them a feeling that it is really TREIR home, full of love and nurture! Let them know how close you are… because… it is YOUR childhood! Remember that beautiful electric railroad? Did you have one or just dreamed about it? Now it is coming back to you…

  • The Train mailbox is not just Made In America. It is an American symbol, Made In America! It is the Transcontinental that united America to be really one country, it is the Iron Horse, whose lights bring a new life to an old cowboy town, it is “I think I can” train from Dambo, it is a one way ticket…Our Mailboxes reflect America and we are proud of it!

  • The Train Mailbox is an Earth Friendly, environmentally conscious product, it uses ozone-safe paints and over 90% of the product comes from recycled materials – even the packaging.

    Keep your environment healthy and happy!

Have you ever purchase an unusual, original product just to get into lots of trouble, because it was hard to operate, did not match other accessories, hard to find parts?
THIS IS NOT THE CASE! We do care to eliminate all possible problems:

  • This unusual Train is designed around standard Post Approved rural residential mailbox, so Your Post Officer will like it too!

  • Our Train is sized as a standard rural residential mailbox. The actual size is 6-3/4”W x 8-3/4”H x 19”L, which means, you can just mount it to your post. The box perfectly matches any standard post. The mailbox is lightweight (7 lbs), so you don’t have to be strong to install it.

  • The box is done of rust resistant steel metal, with baked-on enamel finish. All attaching parts are made of Medex, a wood composite designed especially for outdoors use. Durable, high quality materials are weather tight and ready to withstand extended exposure to the elements.


And… finally… yes, IT IS YOUR MAILBOX, taking your message to target faster than Transcontinental did!

Put your mail on a train, just like 100 years ago!

You’ve got to this site just in time to get advantage of the limited time
TODAY you can get this beautiful one-of-a-kind personalized
TRAIN MAILBOX for just 113.94 !

Here is what our customers have to say:

The service we received from your company was great.  The price was also great and my mom loves the mailbox.

-- Glenn L., Princeton, IL

Get your new mailbox absolutely RISK FREE with 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Take 30 days to examine this mailbox. Look at it; show it to your family, check if it matches your post, your house, and your expectations - once you see it you’ll NEVER want to send it back!

But, if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, or it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you have 30 days to return it and we’ll REFUND THE ENTIRE PRICE!

Hurry up and use your 5% discount!


Olga Gilman

P.S. I started to sell the Train Mailbox, because I really like it! Everyone will like it – it combines uniqueness and warmness of handcrafted projects with functionality, durability and reliability of a standard!

and get your Train Mailbox with all the great discounts!