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"Mailbox Plaza" is a FREE newsletter that's guaranteed to help you boost your house's curb appeal. Plus a chance to win $25 by suggestion a "Mailbox of the Month" photo!

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Dear friend,

I am Olga, a happy mother of two gorgeous girls – one is a teenager, and one is a baby. We live in a small town in California.

Some time ago my best friend bought her first house.

It was a beautiful small family house in Silicon Valley . There was a nicely decorated front yard with a peach tree, roses, petunias, rocks and … ugly, old, rusted, monstrous mailbox just in front of all that beauty!

After careful research, I found the mailbox that I liked most and that I presented to her as a housewarming gift. She was really excited, and all her guests kept asking about where she got it!

I liked the idea. A Mailbox is our first greeting to everyone who comes to us; we get in touch with it every single day – why not to make it a source of great mood, joy, fun, and sense of humor?

So, I started this website to share the fun with YOU!