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Postal regulations

Information and Useful Links

This page contains a variety of useful links and information about postal issues and mail theft, installation instructions, vandalism problem solutions, how to keep your mail organized, decorate your mailbox, and Valentine mailboxes.

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Postal Issues and Mail Theft

United States Postal Service
The USPS site provides access to regulatory information about mailboxes and mail delivery. It also contains a lot of useful information, from postage calculator to an online store that sells stamps and shipping supplies.

USPS Postal Inspection Service
Identity theft occurs when a criminal uses another person's personal information to take on that person's identity. This can often start through mail theft. Visit this site for information on mail theft, identity theft and protecting your mail.

FTC on Identity Theft
This site is maintained by the Federal Trade Commission. It includes information on government reports and Congressional testimony, law enforcement updates, and links to other sites with helpful information about identity theft.

SSA on Identity Theft
See what the Social Security Administration says about mail theft and identity theft problems.


Installation instructions

Find the detailed instructions on how to install your mailbox and mailbox post by clicking here.


Vandalism Problem Solutions

Snowplow, inexperienced drivers, Mailbox Baseball and other types of vandalism can cause a serious damage to your mailbox.

There can be several different approaches to Mailbox vandalism problem.

  • Vandal proof mailboxes. The main problem of this solution is that an inexperience driver or a teenager with a baseball bat can be seriously injured when trying to damage your mailbox.

  • Mailbox that is not only vandal proof, but also makes a visual impression of being solid and heavy. The main advantage of this solution is that everyone is clearly warned to be careful with your mailbox. One of the most elegant solutions is a mailbox planter or a brick mailbox. However, in some states brick mailboxes are prohibited on state maintained roads due to them being dangerous in case of an accident. Please do check with your local regulations before installing this type of mailboxes.

  • VandalGard Mailbox Protector to put around your current mailbox. Looks pretty ugly, but works...

  • Mailbox construction that “gives up”. The unique Boomerang inserted into your mailbox post "gives" rather than resists - preserving your post and preserving your mailbox - then comes back, just like an Australian boomerang.

  • Check Tips on keeping your mailbox safe.


How to Keep Your Mail Organized

Your mailbox handles all that traffic… Do you?

Homefile Organizer Kits make it easy to organize your important information. See Homefile.net


Decorate your mailbox

Why should your mailbox look the same all year around? Decorate it with seasonable and holidays mailbox covers! mailwraps.com has mailbox covers for all four seasons, holidays, and even for special occasions.


Valentine Mailbox projects

Here are just some ideas for great, simple and fun craft projects for the whole family:

AOK Corral: Crafts & Gift Bazaar

Family Crafts: Valentine Mailbox

Family Crafts: Pokemon Mailbox

Hedgies' Valentine Mailbox

Look at these and make your own!


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